The Rise And The Fall Of The Clash

Release Date: 29.04.2014

A documentary about the turbulent history of The Clash

The Clash were founded in London in 1976 and are to this day considered one of the most influential punk bands - equated with the Ramones and the Sex Pistols . They combined influences from different styles with catchy hooks and a good dose of aggression. The band had a great influence on Britpop, especially the Manic Street Preachers rely on The Clash, but also alternative bands such as Green Day, U2, The Cure or REM adopted their experimental sound. From Motörhead to Die Toten Hosen bands have made cover versions of the band's songs or played them in their concerts. In 1985 Joe Strummer called together members of The Clash and decided to dissolve the band. In 1991 “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” received a phenomenal reminiscence and reached the top of the charts caused by an advertising campaign for Levi’s. In 2002 singer and guitarist Joe Strummer died way too early, in 2003 The Clash were received into the Hall of Fame.

The film ,The Rise And Fall Of The Clash' impressively documents the history of this band, of the great successes to self- destruction. On the basis of unpublished photographs and interviews director Danny Garcia* and co- producer David Mingay* traced this way. The documentation has a length of 90 minutes and is in color and 16:9 HD.

How could it happen that The Clash destroyed at the height of her career after a relatively short time and dismantled itself? Was it the members themselves, was it the music business or wore the controversial manager Bernie Rhodes* a joint guilt? Founding member Mick Jones gives a few answers, even Pearl Harbor*, David Mingay* and Ray Jordan* were interviewed for this documentary.

"The Rise And Fall Of The Clash" is a fascinating one and a half hours history lesson in punk music!

Original Line-Up:

  • Joe Strummer - vocals & rhythm guitar
  • Mick Jones - lead guitar & vocals
  • Paul Simonon - bass
  • Terry Chimes and later Nicky ,Topper' Headon - drums

Crew & Participants:

  • Danny Garcia - Spanish director
  • David Mingay - editor and writer , Movies : Rude Boy , A Bigger Splash
  • Pearl Harbor - singer of New Wave band Pearl Harbor and the Explosions , 1978-1982 married to Paul Simonon
  • Bernie Rhodes, manager of the band from 1976-1978 and from 1981 until the dissolution, co-writer of the album 'Cut The Crap'
  • Ray Jordan - Bodyguard of the band in the early years


  • DVD


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