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Live At Wacken

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds

On 24th november 2014, Silver Lining Music celebrates the silver anniversary of the biggest cultural heavy metal festival in the world, W:O:A Open Air. It has grown from a small-town party to a republic all of it’s own, a nation built by the international heavy metal community for everyone and anyone who wants to participate in several days of music, mayhem and uninhibited revelry. It all puts W:O:A Open Air alongside the elite likes of Glastonbury and Burning Man as not just a musical explosion, but a cultural experience.

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds documents every inch of the festival grounds via 3 expansive and immersive DVD’s and a lavishly produced scrapbook. Each DVD will cover an area of the Wacken experience. Disc one will bring together the very best main attraction live performances seen at Wacken on both the Black and True Metal stages, featuring the likes of (ACCEPT, SAXON, MOTÖRHEAD, AMON AMARTH, KREATOR, HAMMERFALL, AVANTASIA …). The second disc brings viewers to the second level of Wackneering via the top performances from the Party and Wackinger Stages, as well as the highlights of the all-in amateur jam throw-down Wacken Metal Battle, while the third disc will offer highlights from the Headbanger’s Stage and Wet Stage (the latter being inside the notorious Bullhead City Circus Tent). Each DVD sits in it’s own individual digipak, complete with a detailed content booklet.

The scrapbook will be a lavish, 200 page affair containing a year-by-year review from long-time Wacken chronicler Tim Eckhorst, along with 300+ photos and various artifacts detailing how the festival grew to it’s current size and status. The DVD digipaks and scrapbook are housed in a classic black, cloth-bound slipcase, and the entire project was designed by another Wacken veteran, photographer Kai Swillus. Fittingly, 25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds is a Wacken Foundation product, which means that all profits are channeled back into the foundation which in turn exists to help support and nurture new, fresh musical talent and offer aspiring artists a chance to realize their dreams and musical expressions.

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds will be released in both standard DVD and Blu-Ray disc formats, and can be found at your favorite local or online retailer.

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds guarantees viewers (and readers) many, many, many hours of entertainment. Which is as it should be … after all, a cultural event of this repeated magnitude could never be absorbed in one sitting!



  • 01. AVANTASIA: Spectres
  • 02. AVANTASIA: Invoke The Machine
  • 03. ACCEPT: London Leatherboys
  • 04. ACCEPT: Teutonic Terror
  • 05. SAXON: Sacrifice
  • 06. SAXON: The Eagle Has Landed
  • 07. MOTÖRHEAD: Rock It
  • 08. MOTÖRHEAD: Lost Woman Blues
  • 09. APOCALYPTICA: Path
  • 10. APOCALYPTICA: Hall Of The Mountain King
  • 11. STEEL PANTHER: Gloryhole
  • 12. STEEL PANTHER: Death To All But Metal
  • 13. HAMMERFALL: Bushido
  • 14. HAMMERFALL: Hearts On Fire
  • 15. AMON AMARTH: Deceiver Of The Gods
  • 16. AMON AMARTH: Twilight Of The Thunder God
  • 17. CHILDREN OF BODOM: Angels Don’t Kill
  • 18. CHILDREN OF BODOM: Are You Dead Yet?
  • 19. EMPEROR: I Am The Black Wizards
  • 20. EMPEROR: Inno A Satana
  • 23. HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Endzeit
  • 24. HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Trespassing The Shores Of Your World
  • 25. HATEBREED: Honor Never Dies
  • 26. CARCASS: The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
  • 27. CARCASS: Unfit For Human Consumption
  • 28. KREATOR: From Flood Into Fire
  • 29. KREATOR: Warcurse


    • 01.SCHANDMAUL: Vogelfrei
    • 02.SCHANDMAUL: Dein Anblick
    • 03.SALTATIO MORTIS: Wachstum über alles
    • 04.VAN CANTO: Badaboom
    • 05. J.B.O: Geh mer halt zu Slayer
    • 06. J.B.O: Verteidiger des Blödsinns
    • 07. SANTIANO: Santiano
    • 08. SANTIANO: Es gibt nur Wasser
    • 09. KNORKATOR: Arschgesicht
    • 10. KNORKATOR : Konrad
    • 11 .RUSSKAJA: Psycho Traktor
    • 12. AUGUST BURNS RED: Poor Millionaire
    • 13. AUGUST BURNS RED: Provision
    • 14. PRONG: Revenge … Best Served Cold
    • 15. PRONG: Whose Fist Is This Anyway?
    • 16. MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN: Blau wie das Meer


  • 17.CONVIVIUM: Staring Into Black
  • 18. EVOCATION:Tin Ling Ling Dei Ling Ling
  • 19. HULDRE: Ulvevinter
  • 20. DIRTY SHIRT: Saraca Inima Me
  • 21. IN MUTE: The Cage DVD/BR 3:
  • 01. DECAPITATED: Carnival Is Forever
  • 02. BLACK STAR RIDERS: Kingdom Of The Lost
  • 04. FOR THE IMPERIUM: Northern Ramapge
  • 05. DEMONIC RESURRECTION: The Unrelenting Search Of Vengeance
  • 06. NEOPERA: The Marvel Of Chimera
  • 07. COLLIBUS: The Fallen
  • 08. ARTHEMIS: Vortex
  • 09. C.O.P UK: Body And Soul
  • 10. TORMENT: Tormentizer
  • 11. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE: My Mescaline
  • 12. BEYOUND THE BLACK: Save Me
  • 13. SACRED SEASON: Take Me Home
  • 14. THE OCEAN: Mesopelagic: Into The Uncanny
  • 15. THE VINTAGE CARAVAN: Cocaine Sally
  • 17. HÄMATOM: Auge um Auge
  • 18. AX ,N‘ SEX: Child Of Mercy
  • 19. HELL: Land Of The Living Dead
  • 20. STARCHILD: Runner
  • 21. 5TH AVENUE: Save The Day
  • 23. NIGHTMARE: Forbidden Tribe
  • 24. ICS VORTEX: Dogsmacked
  • 25. MASTERPLAN: Crimson Rider
  • 26. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH: Shallow Grave
  • 27. KOLDBRANN: Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott
  • 28. ONKEL TOM: Auf nach Wacken


  • •  DVD Box – 3 DVD Digipak, inkl. 200 Pages Mediabook – The Scrapbook
  • •  Blu-ray Soft Box – 3 Blu-ray, inkl. 24 Pages Booklet
  • •  Digital Download



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