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Motörhead - welcome to the 40th Anniversary

Welcome to this-here 40th Anniversary arena, a place where you can engage and interact with all sorts of Motörmatters, from the monumental 40th Anniversary of their legendary career to the new album to sharing your own stories to competitions and all sorts of other wonderful stuff.

It is probably clear by now that the boys have been in the studio, are out of the studio and have left IN the studio a warm and comforting collection of fireside loves-songs…sorry, a STEAMING ROARING SLAB OF RED-HOT MOLTEN MOTORMUSIC is what we MEANT to say there! We can tell you that long-time producer Cameron Webb has been at the production helm again, and that further details will be forthcoming imminently…what we CAN GUARANTEE is that you-will-NOT-be-disappointed! That isn’t some cheap sales bullshit, that’s stone-cold fact which you will soon find out for yourselves. There’s SO much to say that…arrrgggghhh…no, we MUST keep quiet a little longer here. ALL in good time, all in good time… The boys recently completed a successful tour of South America, where they played to sold-out crowds in Brazil, Chile ands Argentina at the end of April/beginning of May and are preparing for a series of summer festival appearances, including a HISTORIC appearance at Glastonbury which is the latest in a long tradition of ‘alternative’ Motörappearances (others have included the South Bank Arts & Culture Festival in London as hosted by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, the London Royal Opera House and the Coachella Festival in California. That’s always been one of the great things about Motörhead - yer ALL invited so long as you enjoy unashamedly being yourself and are not an asshole! Simple enough isn’t it! So if you have NOT yet enjoyed a Motörnight out, get to one of these summer events and feel the electricty! Here’s a photo from one of the US theater shows last year to get you in the mood, whether a new friend or veteran Motörheadbanger…Speak soon!

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