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SAXON "Queen Of Hearts" - new lyric video


Now it's time to let the games unfold! Listen to the second single 'Queen Of Hearts' and celebrate the fact that you’ll soon be rocking out to all new SAXON!


On SEP 18th, the Canadian metal legend ANNIHILATOR released their 15th studio album "SUICIDE SOCIETY" via UDR Music.

The band around exceptional guitarist Jeff Waters now releases their second video „SNAP“.

\m/ Prophets, seers and a brilliant band return just in time \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 3 - by Steff Chirazi

With the world descending into yet further avalanches of chaos, it is both comforting and necessary that Killing Joke are set to return to our hearts, minds and ears with their 16th studio album Pylon, to be released October 23rd on Spinefarm Records, and if you want a taste of what they still do better than anyone else, check out the deeply feral, howlingly guttural, percussively-driven roar of “I Am The Virus”, frontman Jaz Coleman (poet, composer and one of the sharpest minds you will ever know) tribally leading the observations which Killing Joke have long-made about our society and which now seem more relevant than ever.

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\m/ Take it like a band!…men, women & children also heavily invited \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 2 - by Steff Chirazi

What’s got eight legs, eight arms and four hearts that project as a dozen? That’s right, GIRLSCHOOL, and anyone who was ignorant or stupid enough to think that these ladies had taken up a lighter path of musical resistance can now beat themselves repeatedly in shame and prepare to pony up the cash to buy a slice of their deliciously filthy, cheeky, chunky, sweaty and addictive rifferama via new forthcoming album Guilty As Sin. Now I dunno how it was here, but when I was a pup in single digits fighting acne and mullets, we would brandish the tennis racket for all riffing duties, and let me tell you, Guilty As Sin will wear out TWO rackets at least, and if you’re ill-prepared, speakers will be blown. I’m not joking, you can smell this album, and that’s a damn fine thing…

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