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MOTÖRHEAD MUSIC - Lemmy's Legacy

Motörhead Music Kicks Off Once More!

Several years ago, Motörhead (together with UDR Music) formed their own label called Motörhead:

Motörhead Music.

Lemmy and the boys were concerned about where the support was for rock’n’roll bands trying to get a leg up, so they decided forming their own label would be the way to help.

They wanted bands to have access to everything they enjoyed, from production to studios to marketing to distribution, the full monty.

They even wanted their management, Singerman Entertainment, and their booking agents to be involved in helping talent get a chance to shine in the public eye.

In 2014, the band finally chose a few bands to support, with Lemmy insistent that Budderside and Others be on the inaugural Motörboat and that Barb Wire Dolls also receive the full support of Motörhead Music and its staff. Now all three will lead the charge for Motörhead Music in 2016.

This isn’t some fancy, schmoozy bullshit vanity label, and it never was. This is Motörhead Music and it will continue to follow the mission statement as laid down by Lemmy and the boys.

So if you want to support raw, exciting rock’n’roll, punk and whatever music is on the label, come one, come all. If not, don’t let the door hit yer arse on the way out.

p.s. there is another band we would like to bring to your attention - Seek Irony are really fucking great and rather different to anything you’ve heard, so don’t be a loser, check ‘em out on Motörhead Music’s parent label, UDR Music, OK?






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