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\m/ Drugs know no genre. \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 6 - by Steff Chirazi

With the death of Scott Weiland recently, the world of rock’n’roll found itself engaging in another round-robin flurry of discussion on the issue of drugs in music. Both have always managed to find each other across the crowded dance-floor and shimmy until the sun rises. Drugs know no genre. From jazz to hip-hop to alternative to metal, many incredible creative energies have done the dance in various ways; some simply haven’t made it back from the dancefloor alive.

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\m/ What do you do with your arms and hands when you listen to METAL? \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 4 - by Steff Chirazi

I like to ask the important questions in life, and right now, I can think of few more vital than what the hell happens to your upper torso appendages when listening to a good dose of metal music?

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\m/ more than ever, music (and METAL) must be played LOUDLY \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 5 - by Steff Chirazi

It is a week since the devastating attacks in Paris, and for many there has been confusion accompanying crushing sadness. I think, at times like this, music can serve such a vital and important purpose that we would be absolutely remiss if we dared do anything other than turn up the stereo and support humans and humanity everywhere by digging around for music which both shows communities they are heard, and which offers some respite and relief for those making it.

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\m/ Prophets, seers and a brilliant band return just in time \m/

METAL BLOG, Vol. 3 - by Steff Chirazi

With the world descending into yet further avalanches of chaos, it is both comforting and necessary that Killing Joke are set to return to our hearts, minds and ears with their 16th studio album Pylon, to be released October 23rd on Spinefarm Records, and if you want a taste of what they still do better than anyone else, check out the deeply feral, howlingly guttural, percussively-driven roar of “I Am The Virus”, frontman Jaz Coleman (poet, composer and one of the sharpest minds you will ever know) tribally leading the observations which Killing Joke have long-made about our society and which now seem more relevant than ever.

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