Release:19th January 2024


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Hell, Fire And Damnation is available in a variety of formats and orders can be placed at this location

Listen To/Watch "There's Something In Roswell" here

Listen To/Watch “Hell, Fire And Damnation” here

Hell, Fire And Damnation is an album which sees Saxon investigate all areas of history and mystery amidst ten of their most confident and thunderously powerful songs yet. Biff delivers his richest vocals in years, Nigel Glockler and Nibbs Carter on drums and bass respectively lay down the rhythmic law with bombastic power, and the guitars of Doug Scarratt and Brian Tatler are fresh and fiery, a perfect complement to each other, carrying an overall energy and fury which will have fans salivating. Musically, Saxon bring it all to the table. There's a furious tribute to actual heavy metal in the denim & leather coated super-sprint “Fire And Steel”, a wonderful nod to the NWOBHM's birth in the electric mid-pace “Pirates Of The Airwaves”, but maybe the true treasure amidst the jewels is “There's Something In Roswell”, with the sort of expansive groove and embrace which deserves arenas.

Produced by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Exodus, Accept and Priest guitarist) and Biff Byford, with Sneap mixing and mastering, Hell, Fire And Damnation strides the perfect line between confident, current power, and gloriously irreverent flexing of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal muscle which Saxon co-created.

2024 promises to be a great year for Saxon, with the European tour alongside Judas Priest and Uriah Heep kicking-off in the UK in March, the arrival of the heavy metal masterpiece Hell, Fire And Damnation and the recently announced co-headline US tour with Uriah Heep titled “Hell, Fire & Chaos - The Best Of British Rock & Metal”.

“Getting these shows in March 2024 with Judas Priest and Uriah Heep meant it made sense to push and get the album made faster,” says Biff, “so, we got on with it in haste and pulled it out of the bag. It was tricky, but I think it’s safe to say we managed it well.”

Oh, it’s safe to say alright!


1. The Prophecy
2. Hell, Fire And Damnation
3. Madame Guillotine
4. Fire And Steel
5. There’s Something In Roswell
6. Kubla Khan And The Merchant Of Venice
7. Pirates Of The Airwaves
8. 1066
9. Witches Of Salem
10.Super Charger
“More metal is not possible. Hell, Fire And Damnation: this record is finest British steel and only a few are still able to do it” – CLASSIC ROCK
“Hell, Fire And Damnation! The album delivers the impressive proof that Saxon is still a bank and great oiled machine in heaviness and energy. The 10 tracks on the record are leaving not one wish open. Power and fresh welded steel” – BREAK OUT
“Great, wonderful, admirable melodies interweaved with classic heavy metal attitude. This album doesn’t show any weak spots at all and doesn’t need any quality comparison to Carpe Diem!” – SLAM MAGAZINE
“Not one weak point on the album! Neither in songwriting nor in sound, neither in composing nor performance! Taking it into consideration that most of the musicians are in their seventies, you have to bow down with more than respect for this again great energy performance” – ROCK IT
“‘Hell, Fire And Damnation’ offers everything a Saxon-fan expects from it. And even a bit more” – AARDSCHOK
“This is a whirlwind of an album and a very strong statement that Saxon is ready for the future with this mighty asset in hand” – HEADBANGERS LIFESTYLE
“Already the album of 2024? Could very well be” – ROCK TRIBUNE
“‘Hell, Fire And Damnation’ is one of the strongest albums in Saxon's discography” – ARROW LORDS OF METAL
“Saxon are proving that they are not only pioneers in the world of Metal, but they are poised to challenge as kings” – CRYPTIC ROCK
“The album is created by veteran rockers who blend their experience and passion for a hard and heavy sound. Hell, Fire And Damnation is honest and authentic music in the spirit of metal, showcasing a band still hungry and out to prove something!” – METAL RULES
“Hell, Fire And Damnation is a very satisfying listen that will please Saxon fans of all eras including newbies who are just now getting hip to this beloved band” – ANTIMUSIC
“Byford’s vocals are powerful and the guitar work is exceptional. Scarratt and Tatler team up with some fresh and exciting solos throughout the record and Glockler’s drumming ability is top notch. In my opinion, this is one of Saxon’s most ambitious albums and proves that they are one of the best British Metal bands of all time” – BRUTAL PLANET MAGAZINE
“Hell, Fire And Damnation is undeniably Saxon: a band continuing to find ways to expand upon the NWOBHM sound 45 years on. 10 out of 10!” – DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH METAL
“It is an impossible task to find another Metal band with SAXON's consistency and dedication to the album release-tour cycle while at the same time sounding fresh and inspired. ‘Hell, Fire And Damnation’ gets 9 out of 10 stars!” – METAL KAOZ
“The NWOBHM is over, but its main core of ideas is still alive: it wasn’t only the rebirth of Metal after a time hidden in the underground, but a whole new way of playing Heavy Metal, a set of conceptions that enables the band to give a step forward in relation of what was done in the early years of the 70s, and that allow the birth of new subgenres into Metal. There are great names, and others that never got the respect they really deserve. One can say that SAXON is a successful name of those years, but these warriors truly deserved more respect and success. One spin on their new album ‘Hell, Fire And Damnation’ states the reason for these words. This is a 10 out of 10 – A MASTERPIECE!” – METAL TEMPLE
“They deliver on all fronts and it’s an enjoyable ride, something that you want to listen to many times afterward” – METAL WANI
“Having been a force since the mid-70s, Saxon shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, they radiate unparalleled energy and freshness, courtesy of Biff and Andy Sneap’s colossal crystal-clear production. The performances are nothing short of world-class, the songs destined to become timeless classics. Disregard any dour reviews; this album caters to Saxon fans’ every desire and stands tall as one of their crowning achievements EVER! 10 out of 10 Stars!” – MY GLOBAL MIND
“Hell, Fire And Damnation is a top-shelf addition to Saxon’s discography; it is a vibrant, powerful statement from a band that has both shaped and transcended the genre. It is a compelling mix of historical and modern evidence of the band’s enduring legacy and ongoing evolution in British heavy metal” – STACCOTOFY
“Saxon has once again proven that they are experts of their craft, delivering a record that stands tall in their illustrious discography” – SONIC PERSPECTIVES
“Saxon once again have proven they are a force to be reckoned with, with yet another consistent high quality release. Perhaps a notch above their last two releases” – THE METAL VOICE
“All in all, Saxon gives us yet another excellent album in Hell, Fire And Damnation. There is no filler on this Record. It is quality metal music from start to finish” – THE METAL PIT


Release Date: March 19th 2021


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  • Coloured Vinyl – 12" with Download Card
  • Digital Download
  • Streaming

Saxon proudly display their "Inspirations" with classic covers release. 'Inspirations' is out today and available on Vinyl, CD, digital formats and limited edition D2C products. Order here

British Heavy Metal legends Saxon will deliver a full-roar-fun-down set of covers with their latest album Inspirations, which drops a brand new 11 track release featuring some of the superb classic rock songs that influenced Biff Byford & the band.

Inspirations was recorded at Brockfield Hall near York in the UK, which was built in 1804 and holds the largest collection of paintings by Yorkshire’s impressionist artists – the Staithes Group. For Byford, recording Inspirations all together within such a rich historical environment was a major ingredient of the project. Byford explains:

“The warmth and feel of Inspirations had so much to do with being together in this magnificent place and doing it ‘old-school’ style. This is how many bands back in the day -including some of the ones covered here- made such great albums, so it just felt really good to be able to do this somewhere like Brockfield Hall.”

From the super-charged melodic romp of The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ to their freeway mad take on Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Stone Free’, Saxon show their love and appreciation with a series of faithful, raw and ready tributes. Maintaining a firm eye on the old school way using Marshall cabs, Marshall amps, real drums and produced by Biff Byford with Jacky Lehmann recording and mixing, Saxon approach the likes of Motörhead’s ‘Bomber’ (with added whistle!), AC/DC’s ‘Problem Child’, Black Sabbath’s ‘Evil Woman’ and a raucous Deep Purple’s ‘Speed King’ with refreshingly warm, unfiltered, “vintage” sounding renditions.


1. Paint It Black
2. Immigrant Song
3. Paperback Writer
4. Evil Woman
5. Stone Free
6. Bomber
7. Speed King
8. The Rocker
9. Hold The Line
10. Problem Child
11. See My Friends

St. George’s Day Sacrifice – Live in Manchester

Release Date: 17.03.2014

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Release Date: March 24th 2023


  • CD Digipack
  • Black Vinyl Album
  • Special D2C products & bundles
  • Digital Download and Streaming

Saxon’s More Inspirations is now available on 12” Black Vinyl, CD Digipak, digital formats and special D2C bundles; to order go to this location.

Following the release of Inspirations in 2021, More Inspirations is the second ‘deep dish’ serving of the influences which have fed the mighty Saxon’s immensely successful 40+ year career.

Whether unveiling a sensational take on The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s “The Faith Healer” (in the process showing the direct lineage from teenage turntables to international glory), getting feral with The Animal’s “We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place”, letting loose a high-octane take on Alice Cooper’s “From The Inside”, or laying down a ferocious tribute to KISS’ “Detroit Rock City”, More Inspirations is a joyous trip into the sounds which galvanized the Barnsley boys and continue to get spun on home stereos and tour buses.

Produced by vocalist/co-founder Biff Byford, with Seb Byford helping record the music alongside mixing engineer Jacky Lehmann, More Inspirations also includes enthusiastic takes on Alice Cooper, Rainbow, ZZ Top and Cream, as well as a thunderous “Razamanaz” by Nazareth, a tasty take on The Who’s “Substitute”, and a thick groove take on Uriah Heep’s “Gypsy”.

Whether this is your first dance with such classic songs, or you’ve come to see where Saxon were born, More Inspirations delivers the goods and then some.

“This time wonderful classics from colleagues like Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper and Rainbow are ‘saxonized’ and special surprising pearls from Cream and The Animals” – CLASSIC ROCK GERMANY
“Saxon typical guitar riffs and Biff’s raw, smokey voice are making the opener ‘We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place’ a successful song. ‘The Faith Healer’, competently implemented and adjusted to their own style this song is really inspiring. Highlights are ZZ Top and the already million times covered Man on the Silver Mountain. Saxon fans need to buy it!” – BREAK OUT GERMANY
“’The Faith Healer’ is one of the highlights. The song is already heavy but Saxon are even topping it. All 10 songs are really good and the cool new interpretation of the Cream classic ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’ is the cherry on the cake. One more time Saxon managed to implement new ideas and aspects to the well know classics and presenting a valuable trip to their fans” – LEGACY
“You can just hear how much Saxon enjoyed doing this record, there are no lacklustre performances here. No recording on the automatic pilot” – Headbangers Lifestyle


1. We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place
2. The Faith Healer
3. From the Inside
4. Chevrolet
5. Substitute
6. Gypsy
7. Man On the Silver Mountain
8. Detroit Rock City
9. Razamanaz
10.Tales of Brave Ulysses

Carpe Diem

Release Date: February 4th 2022


  • CD Digipack
  • Black Vinyl Album
  • Exclusive Coloured Vinyls
  • Special D2C products & bundles
  • Digital Download and Streaming

Carpe Diem is available in a variety of formats and orders can be placed at this location

Life hath no fury like a legend in full roar… and on February 4th, 2022, Saxon show just that to the world when they release their 23rd studio album, Carpe Diem, through Silver Lining Music, serving notice to anyone who ever felt otherwise that they remain both vanguards and masters of British Metal. Comprised of 10 titanic tracks bristling with steel-clad riffery and proud intent, the Barnsely (UK) born band draw on a variety of ingredients from their career to forge what is their most dynamic release in many a year.

"It all starts with the riff,” says front man and co-founder Biff Byford, "if the riff speaks to me, then we’re on our way. It’s a very intense album, and that’s all down to the fact that the essence of a great metal song is the riff that starts it, and this album has loads of them."

Produced by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Exodus, Accept and Priest guitarist) at Backstage Recording Studios in Derbyshire with Byford and Sneap mixing and mastering, Carpe Diem strikes the ear as one of the most essential British metal statements of the last few years and not lacking in pace or bite, an album which will ignite the joy in stalwart supporters and attract a whole new legion to the Saxon fold.

“We want every album we make to go platinum,” says Biff defiantly. "We never make an album that we don’t expect to be fantastic because there are no laurels around here, and as a band, we’re always trying to do something a little bit new, a little bit daring. I love fast metal like “Princess of the Night” and “20,000 Feet”, and I try and bring that style of Saxon into the music now, but in a more modern style. We don’t sound like an old band on records because we’re not sitting back on our past success, we’re always trying to make a great album.”


1. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
2. Age of Steam
3. The Pilgrimage
4. Dambusters
5. Remember the Fallen
6. Super Nova
7. Lady In Gray
8. All for One
9. Black is the Night
10. Living On the Limit

Saxon - 'Thunderbolt' to be released February 2nd 2018


SAXON isn’t wasting any time in 2018. Following the critically acclaimed release of ‘Battering Ram’ in 2015, the heavy metal giants are set to release their latest studio album, Thunderbolt, on February 2nd via the Militia Guard label (Silver Lining Music).

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Warriors Of The Road - The Saxon Chronicles Part II

Release Date: 07.11.2014

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