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Girlschool's New Album WTFortyfive? Out Now!

The new Album WTFORTYFIVE? Is Out Now! Listen/Order at This Location

FORTY-FIVE years young, British hard rock royalty Girlschool come out swinging with their 14th studio album WTFortyfive?, a deliciously dirty declaration that age is a number that shows how much real raw attitude you have when it really counts. WTFortyfive? is out now via Silver Lining Music.

Lead single “Are You Ready?” set the pace; a racy, raunchy, fun-saturated shape-shifter co-written with Alcatrazz’s Joe Stump that showed Girlschool’s leathers may still carry the well-baked battle scars of decades gone by, but their songs and attitude are as fresh, fun, heavy and catchy as ever before. Second Single, ‘It Is What It Is’ was classic Girlschool; fun, real, uncompromising - with an addictive mototörcharged scuzz and a chorus that is guaranteed to stay stuck in your head for many weeks to come. Third single Cold Dark Heart’ unveiled a more sombre, dark side to Girlschool. The tracks kicks off with a chugging, boot-stomping guitar riff, entangled with hypnotic vocals, eerie lyrics and accompanied with a mesmerising video with scenes of an otherworldly fantasia (video by instagood promotion).

Watch/Listen to the recently released ‘Cold Dark Heart’ here

(video by instagoodpromotions).

Watch/Listen to “Are You Ready? (feat. Joe Stump)” here

(video by Natalia Jonderko Śmiechowicz).

Watch/Listen to the recently released ‘It Is What It Is’ here

(director and camera - Danny Merton, assistant camera and lighting - Kerry Stringer).

WTFortyfive? is Girlschool’s 14th studio album and is a deliciously dirty declaration that age is a number that shows how much real raw attitude you have when it really counts. With WTFortyfive?, Kim McAuliffe (guitar/vocals), Denise Dufort (drums), Jackie Chambers (guitar/backing vocals) and Tracey Lamb (bass) leave the grit under their finger nails and the scuzz on their crusty leather boots as they riff and stomp their way through 12 statements of intent showing major attitude, some great melodies, and a consistent crunch to every guitar.

There’s the addictive mototörcharged scuzz of ‘It Is What It Is’, the Wandsworth via Sunset Strip sway of ‘Bump In The Night‘, the youthful, punky romp of ‘Up To No Good’ and the smart, sassy, rock ‘n’ roll hooks of ‘Believing In You’, with McAuliffe’s vocals sounding as sharp and raucous as ever. And if THAT isn’t enough, their raunch roars and rolls alongside Biff Byford (Saxon), Phil Campbell (Motörhead) and Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) on a cracking cover of ‘Born To Raise Hell’! So throw away your inhibitions and join these spectacularly wild women on the most glorious of rock ‘n’ roll rides. Lemmy knew, so should YOU!

“The new release gives everyone a great spirit.. you can’t celebrate your anniversary any better than with this album, up front, strong, pure & rough. Girlschool are back!” – Rocks Magazine
“Surprise of the month, a high energy level and a bomb opener with ‘It Is What It Is’. Kick ass agile – Girlschool is delivering with every song and at the end the splendid homage to Lemmy with ‘Born To Raise Hell’” – Metal Hammer
“... great songs, great production. Their male colleagues should take a listen and come up with something like this!”– Oldie Markt
“This album will certainly extend their existence for a while to come as the album makes perfectly clear that these girls still have plenty of gas in the tank!” – HeadBangers LifeStyle
“It is testament to the band’s immeasurable talent that they are able to write songs that feel as fresh and edgy in 2023 and played with as much energy as their debut album ‘Demolition back in 1980’” – Music News Monthly
“Tracey, Jackie, and especially Kim and Denise, it appears, have intentionally given us a record that harkens back to those halcyon ‘Demolition’ and ‘Hit And Run’ days.. 45 years strong and still kicking up some serious dust!” – POWERPLAY
“Leave it to Girlschool to make the scene’s most effervescently youthful-sounding record… marinated in rock’n’roll spunk, loaded with pop savvy and smeared in punk attitude” – METAL HAMMER

WTFortyfive? is out now on 12” Vinyl, CD Digipak, Digital Download and Streaming and Special D2C bundles. Order/Listen at this location


1. It Is What It Is
2. Cold Dark Heart
3. Bump In The Night
4. Barmy Army
5. Invisible Killer
6. Believing In You
7. It’s A Mess
8. Into The Night
9. Are You Ready? (feat. Joe Stump)
10. Up To No Good
11. Party
12. Born To Raise Hell (feat. Biff Byford, Phil Campbell & Duff McKagan)

Girlschool are:

  • Kim McAuliffe - guitar/vocals
  • Denise Dufort - drums
  • Jackie Chambers - guitar/backing vocals
  • Tracey Lamb - bass

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